Fathers Unite While There’s Still Time: Haven’t You Had Enough?

The Rev. Al Sharpton & Leon Koziol, J.D.
The Rev. Al Sharpton & Leon Koziol, J.D.

Rally and Lobbying Initiative Planned for June in D.C.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

While fathers across America continue to show apathy, disunity and acceptance of antiquated stereotypes, their rights erode accordingly. Self serving politicians and family judges continue to beat up on dads, good or bad, simply because there is no opposing force, no action group or network defending their interests nationally. This must change, and we must act now while we still can during a presidential election in which a fatherhood crisis is not even on the radar.

Consider the following: Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona just delivered a state of the state address in which he singled out dads as “dead beat” parents for vilification purposes on social media. While serious crimes abound in DuPage County (Chicago, Illinois), its sheriff is advertising a wanted poster to apprehend a father for support delinquencies. On a “Babble” blog site sponsored by Disney, a feature writer questions whether “men should have any right to ask for child support” at all.

In North Carolina, outraged fathers are making their opposition to rampant discrimination known, but a fathers’ rights attorney wrongly assumes that “custody” is more likely if a dad sacrifices his career and support capacities by spending the greater amount of time with the children than mom does. Wholly ignored is the fallacy behind custody battles altogether which incite needless controversy and a “winner-take-all” mentality. Such battles are lucrative for lawyers, service providers and federal funding. That is why the same lawyers unite to oppose shared parenting legislation in all the states.

A father should not have to prove his fitness to the state anymore than a mother should. They are presumed to be fit at the birth of a child until the state proves otherwise. Such principles are well established by our Constitution according to the Supreme Court but unfortunately a trillion dollar industry has flourished to cause federal judges to ignore their duties to declare offensive state practices unconstitutional. If anything, given all the judge corruption which is being exposed in family courts across the country (and increasingly accepted), it is the state which should be required to prove its fitness when asserting ever invasive powers over our children.

The shocking case of Walter Scott lends further support behind the greed and insanity which are escalating to deprive fathers of their human rights. On April 4, 2015, a fit and unarmed dad was shot dead in the back five times by a South Carolina cop for fleeing a child support warrant on a routine traffic stop. International attention was drawn to a shocking video of this horrific incident captured by a hidden iPhone user. Media across the country exposed the flaws of a draconian support collection bureaucracy in that state with one year prison terms for support debtors resulting in one out of every eight inmates in that state comprised of non-criminal dads.

You would think that major reforms would come of such barbaric government actions. Instead, one year later, it has only gotten worse. Walter Scott died in vain as the South Carolina county where he was murdered has responded with a pathetic program which offers credit card payments so that dads can “avoid going to jail.”

Seriously? Is anyone seeing a problem with that? Credit cards issued to fathers with employment issues carry maximum interest rates. Only the private support collection agencies will benefit while fathers lose more of the income which they are able to generate. More shocking according to the Charleston Post and Courier, of the 16,000 active support cases in that county, half are delinquent with 2,715 arrest warrants issued. Do we need any more evidence of a grossly dysfunctional court system? How many more Walter Scotts and father suicides must occur before true reform is achieved.

No one asks the question whether child support should be paid at all when fathers earn the same or less than mothers and are marginalized, publicly disgraced and alienated from their children in order to justify this lucrative custody system. Children suffer most in the end through the effective criminalization of their dads. Enough ! Fathers must join together to participate in a rally tentatively set to occur of the Friday of Fathers’ Day weekend. This site has been established by the National League of Fathers, Inc. strictly for that purpose, so stay in touch and spread the news.

Yeah the days of cheap talk, expert pontifications, social programs and useless keyboarding to one another are over. No one is listening to you. Deal with it, and MAN-UP, not for the purpose of enslaving yourself to this gold mine as the lawyers and politicians are preaching, but for the purpose of protecting the rights which our military and law enforcement sacrifice for every day. We need your donations and participation today, while there’s still time to literally save lives, i.e. Purple Heart’s Final Beat @ Second Class Citizen. Org.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000


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